We had started our business in the year of 2004 under the name of KAZI AGRO. After seven years of successful business in Poultry Industry we have enlisted in the Joint Stock Company as KAZI AGRO LTD in the year of 2011. Now KAZI AGRO LTD have started our industrial premix production very recently and moving forward rapidly we are also well known, reputed as well as leading trading house for Feed Additives in Bangladesh.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to serve the Nation by distributing Innovative products based on modern technology & research.

Our Sister Concerns

  1. Kazi Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  2. Best Mix Bd Ltd.
  3. Kazi Polymer Ltd.
  4. Kazi Oxygen Ltd.
  5. Blue Trade & Kazi Associates

Our Join stock Registration No:

SL Company Name Registration No
1 KAZI AGRO LTD. C - 97736/11
2 BESTMIX BD LTD. C - 123287/15
4 KAZI POLYMER LTD. C - 138837/17

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