SL Name Designation Concern
1. Adv. Ismat Ara Jakia Chairman All
2. Dr. Kazi Abu Sayed Managing Director All
3. Mohammad Iqbal Faruk DGM (Head of Commercial & Accounts) All
4. Md. Jakir Hossain (Aditto) DGM (Head of Kazi Polymer) KAZI POLYMER LTD
5. Md. Wares Ali DGM (Q.A. & Production) BESTMIX (BD) LTD
6. Dr. Prasanta Kumar Paul AGM (Head of Premix) BESTMIX (BD) LTD
7. Krishibid Md Wahidul Islam Sr. Manager, Marketing (Institution) KAZI AGRO LTD
8. Md. Mostafizur Rahaman (Robel) Sr. Manager (Accounts, Tax & VAT) All
9. Kaish Md. Nisher Hasan Manager (Q.A.) BESTMIX (BD) LTD
10. Zakir Hossain Sr. Manager (Supply Chain)


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